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photo : Scott Torberg

Novena – photo : Scott Torborg

Novena Laptop Design

Novena campaign on

Pinoramic 120 : 1991 – Medium format, lensless panoramic camera

Some thoughts about building cameras.

Ritual Luminous Object – a handheld LED torch

Posts about lighting.

Inside view – Pinoramic 120

Flickr images from this and my other camera designs.

Bayonet mount \ switching element for LED torch.

A brief overview of my lighting design.

Pinoramic 120 Series 2 – medium format lensless panoramic camera

Cars in the Park photo series.

Zeplyn – a Luminous Photonic Appliance

More about the Zeplyn luminaire.

Opened view with back removed – Pinoramic 120 Series 2 – Yes, this is a camera

Pinoramic 120 Version 2 – some details.

Zeplyn architecture – a view of the base and lift off sculptural luminaire

A little about me.

P.90 camera – Medium format camera for lensless imaging

The P.90 camera – some details.

graceful Samurai – a kinetic, photonic device

A bit about my shop processes.

Computer controlled, rotating panoramic camera for 5 inch film

A panoramic camera design.

Palomar – desktop luminaire

Contact me – send your thoughts.

User interface design for the 5 inch panoramic camera

Prototype watch carrier for an automatic watch winder

Prototype watch carrier for an automatic watch winder

A watch winder concept

As a designer, I’ve been envisioning and making objects since childhood and tend to like objects that combine wood, metal and select additional materials with mechanical and electronic elements. I’m naturally drawn to simple, modern designs but have a fascination with complexity that mimics the nature of life. I have been a luthier, a furniture maker, an architectural craftsman, a graphic designer, a photographer, a motorcycle mechanic and a designer. My shoulder-based alter ego is an African Grey parrot named Zane. Contact me at 503.201.9326 in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

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  1. Beautiful work, inspirational-

  2. Kurt, words fail me. What a wonderful person you are to make such beautiful things.

    Cheers, Steve

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