5 inch rotating camera update

The original design for this camera included a built in LCD/pushbutton interface and a control knob to change exposure slits. The current project entails converting the camera to use a remote, hand held controller operating through a bluetooth radio interface. User commands are entered via a touch screen LCD interface.

User interface

This view of the interface shows the screen layout. The areas labeled Exposure, 360 Degrees, and 1/60 second plus the two arrows at the bottom of the screen are sensitive to a touch to the screen. The red dots indicate that the user has chosen to change the camera’s angle of rotation. By pressing either of the arrows, the displayed angle can be changed. A press to the shutter speed button offers similar control over the range of shutter speeds.
Once the settings have been made, the user can touch the Exposure button and commence exposure. Once the exposure is under way, the bar graph above the arrows will indicate the progress of the current exposure.
Stay tuned for more details as the project moves toward completion.

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