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At the Aciera F3

Mottweiler Studio is a Design|Fabricate studio in Portland, Oregon engaged in the production of original and bespoke designs including mechanical projects, furnishings, home accessories and lighting but specializing in the design and making of cameras for analog image making.

A long-retired furniture factory in Portland, Oregon is the home of Mottweiler Studio. A selection of tinkerers, shakers and mystery men inhabiting the second floor of building A make up the community some of us call “the Hole” – due both to its location below grade in Sulllivan’s Gulch and as a none-too-subtle reference to the general state of repair of the environs. It’s always an experience for visitors to find their way in here but always worth the effort.

at work

Be sure and visit the camera pages. You can also find us on Facebook, Tumblr, Behance, Twitter and Instagram.

In many an enterprise there is often an evil genius lurking in the shadows, pulling the strings and pushing the levers  . . . . .

a little grey feathered person
The Mastermind of Design

Zane has served in that capacity for some time ( say . . . 20 years ) and is frequently acknowledged to the real brains behind the operation. He keeps a constant eye on everything from his elevated vantage point and has thus come to be known as Lord Overseer. No one escapes his watchful eye including the third member of this team, my lovely wife Lisa.

Ever watchful Grey Designer

While much of what goes on here is the designing and building of smaller things, you’ll find other endeavors covered in these pages including the tiny but, at times, all-consuming Bungaloft project. The typical story of a remodel gone haywire, we will likely never call it finished but it is presently doing a swell job of keeping a warm and cozy roof over our heads. I have made a good bit of the lighting, cabinets and built-ins, and plumbing hardware for our house. We boldly entered our little house in the Portland Green Homes Tour in 2011 and had fun hosting a day’s worth of visitors to our work-in-progress.

A few color adjustments to the Bungaloft design


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