Analog cameras

Camera projects are once again dominant in the studio. Two custom projects lead the way while P.90 production resumes to build out the last of the component sets in inventory. Other designs in the planning or prototyping stage include the P.120 – a 120 degree 6 by 12 cm version of the P.90 design, a simpler design for a 6 by 6 lensless camera, a conceptual framework for a swing lens design similar to the Kodak Panoram or Al-Vista cameras and some kind of entry into the glass plate photography world.

P.120 – 120 degree 6 by 12 cm lensless camera

A camera crossed with a clock called the LastClock is an unusual commissioned project that records an annular image over a 12 hour period. The design solution gathers inspiration from past projects including the Novena Heirloom (by using a variant of the wood composite material), the automatic watch winder (a similar centerless ring and v-pulley drive mechanism) and panoramic camera designs (borrowing the servo driven rotating-slit type shutter mechanism).


The LastClock ring drive system

The goal is to create this image on 8 by 10 film in a conventional film holder. A larger print of the image will then be made for display.
The camera is essentially a slit-scan camera generating an image on a rotating flat plane rather than moving film past a slit or moving a slit past a curved film plane as in conventional rotating and swing-lens panoramic cameras.

LastClock front panel showing shutter housing and motor mounts.

Another project in the studio is known by different names including Minutero, One-Minute camera and street camera. The common thread is a portrait camera with in-camera processing that allows a photographer to create and deliver a finished photo in a short amount of time.

Drilling hinge mortice holes for red window door

More details on both will be forthcoming as they progress.

Sales of camera products will resume shortly with the P.90 cameras first on the list. Sign up for the mailing list or message me if you would like to know about upcoming releases.

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