Bamboo Mailboxes

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We made one of these bamboo plywood mailboxes for our house and decided that they were worth offering for sale. This one above has optional Prairie Style, multi-light door perforations.

They were designed to fill the need for a porch-mounted mailbox that would securely hold your mail including periodicals and provide an easy way to accept packages that might be too big to fit through the top mail slot. As illustrated in the side bar, a full sized periodical can be inserted into the top slot or the door can be left ajar for the insertion of a package. Because of the slam style latch we use, the door can then be securely closed by the mail carrier for you to access later with the door key. The slot at the bottom can be used for outgoing mail or some small item you want to leave for someone else to retrieve.

These mailboxes were last available in 2009.


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