Blue Moon Camera and Machine customer show

Blue Moon customer show

The Blue Moon Camera and Machine crew has been at it again. Their annual show of customer work unanimously selected by the staff as it comes off the printers in the lab is always great fun. 150ish images displayed in three venues along Lombard in St Johns starting at 7:00 PM on Saturday.

The venues include:

Proper Eats Market and Cafe:        8638 North Lombard Street – 503.445.2007
Anna Bannana’s Coffeehouse:      8716 North Lombard Street – 503.286.2030
Plew’s Brews:                                     8409 North Lombard Street – 503.283.2243

Bundle up and go check it out. It’s even more fun than it sounds.

Thanks to all who attended and submitted work for the Portland Pinhole show. Lot’s of great people were in attendance. If you didn’t make it b for the opening, be sure to mark out some time to stop in – highly recommended!

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