Bungaloft News – Brackets and Tile

After staring at roof brackets in our bungalow-filled neighborhoods for some time, I finally had to commit and make my own. Our theme with the project is to attempt to bring together traditional bungalow details with modern design ideas. We also have a very colorful paint scheme so I tried to come up with something that would work within the context of all three themes.

As am amateur builder I look for ways to make up for lack of experience with the various trades. When it came to the shower I wanted to have a curbless walk-in design. The shower floor area turned out to be too small to make this work with simple sloping while still meeting the code. So I dropped the framing for the shower floor 3 inches with the ultimate goal of building a slatted wood insert that would effectively bring the shower floor up to the level of the rest of the bathroom floor. I felt that the traditional process of building the slope into the shower pan with mud might be tricky in the cramped space so I opted for this pre-sloped shower pan insert system.

The final result with slate tiles. Next on the agenda will be the limestone wall tiles and the remaining slate floor through the rest of the the bathroom.

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