Bungaloft progress

Getting the addition project underway has been quite a journey so far. I’ve learned more about shear walls, wind loads and rain screens that maybe I really want to know. Getting a SIP project (walls, roof and floor in this case) through the permitting process means that everything has to be engineered. If I wanted to build a SIP doghouse – you guessed it: engineering . . .
But someday it may all be done. But since I’ve been told that there is a proverb that goes something to the effect “House done, Life over” maybe I shouldn’t get in too big a rush.
In the meantime, here is a rendering of 6’5″ Sketchup man walking from the addition through the breezeway with clerestory windows onto the floor of the extant structure. With the rainy season fast approaching I suppose I will need to turn the wall and roof layers back on soon!Technorati Tags: , , ,

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