Archicam multi-pinhole lensboard


I recently made a pair of these pinholes cameras at the request of a friend who does architectural photography. The idea had been to do a shift camera but my friend Darius finally came to me with the idea of using multiple pinholes instead. So I built this very simple 4 by 5 camera with short focal length that can either be shot as a shift camera or with multiple pinholes open at once. A steel lens board allow simple magnets to be used for shutters.

front view of Archicam
Magnetic pinhole covers
Archicam top removed
Removable top and lens board
bubble level in top panel
Bubble level
4 by 5 holder system
Simplified holder system

One thought on “Archi-multi-pinhole-cam

  1. Hello Kurt
    wonderful website.
    I have seen some examples of the architectural pinhole. I nee to see images where i can see the differences between normal pinholecams and this one.
    If i had it i would use my graflex 70mm back. maybe also the rb with sucking system and adapter. I dont yet have that adapter.
    Thank you very much

    michael przewrocki
    old website is gone, java-applet not working anymore, no 3dstereopanoramas from mars anymore.
    will reactivate when i have more time.

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