Zeplyn – an adjustable angle, sculptural luminaire


Zeplyn – heat sink head with integral shade/reflector/socket
The design for the Zeplyn was clearly influenced by its near-namesake with the heat sink slots recalling the physical structure of the early dirigible designs. A one-piece design serves the combined functions of reflector, translucent shade and socket for the bi-pin halogen lamp.

Zeplyn architecture
Another feature of the Zeplyn design is the unusual sculpture and carriage layout. The main body of the Zeplyn can be lifted off of the carriage to both appreciate its sleek modern feel and to adjust its angle of repose to any appropriate setting. A smooth acting clutch mechanism maintains the chosen angle as the counterweight finds is natural balance point.

Zeplyn – head shot
A side shot of the Zeplyn’s head reveals the simple, modern lines and the elegant nickel finish.

Tethered Zeplyn
Zeplyn is a design study destined for further development as a floor, desk or wall mounted design. Please contact me with enquiries regarding this or any other custom lighting design requests you may have.

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