5 by 7 camera with pinhole turret

Camera detail image
Corner detail - Folding mechanism.

This camera is a sibling of the 5 by 7 stereoscopic camera. It varies in some details like the design of the rear standard and the film back latching mechanism. In this configuration there is no bellows septum and a single muti-position turret integrated into the pneumatically controlled shutter allows mounting pinholes and zone plates of varying focal lengths. The pair of cameras were built primarily to familiarize myself with the issues of large format camera design.

The turret/shutter mechanism combines a 7 position turret with numbered positions and a pneumatically operated rotary shutter. The knob above the center of the mechanism is the turret knob used to change turret positions.

Strangely, the photos of this camera are missing. Once I get a chance to re-shoot them, I’ll post them here.

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