5 by 7 stereoscopic camera

5 by 7 stereoscopic camera - no lenses mounted

The camera uses a single extension baseboard with a gear driven focus mechanism. Traditional frame and panel construction allows for wood movement due to changes in relative humidity while maintaining the critical dimensions for fit. The rear box of the camera utilizes traditional dovetailed joints with a finger jointed bellows mount frame let into the box in grooves during assembly. The bellows is made with traditional construction utilizing an outer layer of Hypalon coated fabric, reinforcement strips at the folds and a liner of neoprene coated cotton. A second section of bellows folded material is stitched into the center of the bellows to form a septum that divides the two halves for stereo. The front standard is made with only a single axis of rotation for tilt. A lateral swing for a stereoscopic camera would entail swinging the two lens boards individually in a synchronized motion. The rear standard also supports tilt in a single plane because lateral swing would not be possible with the stereoscopic configuration. It is a base tilt only design.  The camera has variable inter ocular separation for the two lenses. The knob above the two lens boards is used to control the separation. A section of bellows material is used on each side of the two lens boards to provide a wide range of light protected motion. The focus knob on one side is complimented by a focus lock knob on the other side. It is a brass rack and pinion mechanism.


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