side view of panoramic camera

5 inch panoramic camera

5 inch panoramic camera with rise/fall lens control.


side view of panoramic camera

A 5 inch film format, rotating panoramic camera design. It creates a 360 degree image with 24.2 inches of film but is capable of any programmed angle of view. It uses a Schnieder 90 mm Super Angulon in barrel mount on a rise/fall mechanism.

Front and rear body panels made of aluminum and composite materials. Aluminum battery compartment covers seen in the first photo are removed here.
Charge port – batteries are located at either side of this front body component
Film compartment access latch – just below it is a removable cover for the ground glass.
Ground glass view screen for use with a wide slot choice.
Film wrap arms keep the film in cylindrical contact with the drive mechanism.
Bottom view of main chassis with rotating base removed.
Reel carrier for custom 5 inch film reels
Animation of bluetooth controller sequence
This shows an example of a sequence from the bluetooth controller. It is a touch screen application so each area of the screen activates a command. The red arrows increment or decrement the selected variable. Touching on a parameter brings the red dots to that location and allows the arrows to effect changes to that parameter. Once the parameters are set, touching the exposure button begins the shot and progress is shown but the bar sequence.



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