Designing a new 120 degree camera

The last batch of P.90 camera is underway so it’s time to move on to some new ideas. First out of the hat is a replacement for the Pinoramic 120 series. As much as liked the PPC2 design, it was just too difficult to build cost-effectively. So for the new camera I’m bring together some ideas from both the PPC2 and the P.90.

Prototype #1

For the first prototype I am using the physical layout of the P.90. The first one, illustrated above, simply uses the hardware kit for the P.90. But the goal for the second prototype is to incorporate the film loading design from the PPC2. I’m also looking to make the camera available with either the P.90 style shutter or the pneumatic shutter used on the Pinoramic series cameras.

Kitted up with P.90 hardware

The wider field of view of this camera means there will also be some work on a revised shutter design. My first prototypes generally run afoul of some critical issue leading to a quick follow up with a second version and this case is no different.


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