P.90 lensless medium-format camera

P.90 lensless camera – front view
Wood, brass and aluminum beautifully blend in the P.90 lensless camera. An inspiring, superior quality tool for the discerning photographer. All custom made brass and aluminum hardware compliment the unique curved shape of this 6 by 9 cm format camera. This front view of the camera reveals the visual elegance and simplicity of the design. The black anodized aluminum shutter can be seen in the center of the P.90’s front panel.

At first sight it seemed to me a sort of Leonardo da Vinci’s projectElitism – The Third Eye

P.90 – view with back removed
A hybrid construction technique utilizes curved, cross-laminations of ropey figured Cherry wood to form the curved front and back panels of this design. Solid, quarter-sawn Cherry wood is used to form the top and bottom panels. An accessory bubble level can be mounted to the P.90 as shown at the top right in this rear view.

Sure, it looks like a speaker cabinet, or mysterious piece of nautical equipment, but what you’re looking at is actually a pinhole camera from Kurt Mottweiller Studios : Gizmodo

P.90 – top view
The brass film advance knob designed specifically for this camera series can be seen at the top left position. In the middle at the front of the camera is the popular, silky smooth lift-action shutter knob. Immediately behind it at the back of the camera is the back latch knob are also visible. A pair of sight lines denoting the 90- degree field of view of the P.90 (named for the combination of 90mm format and 90 degree field of view)

Truly a work of art, this camera is fun to use and a wonderful tool for making beautiful pinhole images : P.90 review by John Neel  in Pixiq

A valuable one-off custom version of the P.90
The P.90 is made in Portland, Oregon by small batch artisanal production methods to insure the highest quality. It is a completely original design with the curved shape that is a hallmark of our camera design philosophy.

Just take a look at this strange camera to realize that we are dealing with crafts of the highest level both technically and aesthetically : Fotografare

Additional details:

  • The P.90 film compartment is accessed with a removable back panel. A safety latch keeps the back in place when the camera is loaded with film.
  • The P.90 uses standard, daylight-loading 120 roll film available in a wide variety of color and black & white emulsions.
  • A specially constructed red window for film advance is light safe and allows the frame numbers to be seen under normal lighting conditions.
  • The thin profile of the P.90 camera is easy on the hands and makes the camera easy to stow away in a bag or case when not in use.

The P.90 is quite effective when you place it right in the middle of the action. Whether it be nestled among the silver and glassware on the dinner table or staking out a cat’s eye view among the garden flowers, this camera loves to work close to its subjects. The nearly infinite depth-of-field means that the nearest blade of grass and the most distant cloud will be rendered with equal emphasis.

 . . . . . . . . . . . NOTE: P.90 CAMERAS ARE IN VERY LIMITED SUPPLY . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . THE FOLLOWING NEWSLETTER IS ARCHIVED FROM 2008 . . . . . . . 

P.90 Release

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