Pinoramic 120 Series 2 lensless camera

The Pinoramic 120 Series 2 camera combined lensless imaging and 6 by 12 cm, 120 degree panoramic format with the finest in camera making craft and the convenience of roll film. The camera design featured vacuum and pressure laminated hardwood construction for strength, stability and light weight in a very compact package. The cameras were last produced in 2007.

Front view of camera

The camera design, known as PPC2, was designed with a series of curved forms that balance the wide field-of-view against the spacial requirements of the roll film transport mechanism. It has an effective focal length of 60 mm and an f/200 pinhole.

Back view of camera
A simple twist of the latch lever located in the middle of the camera back is all that’s needed to remove the back for access to the film compartment. To the left of the latch is a friction fit plug cover for the red window.

The camera’s lateral field-of-view sight lines are indicated by a triangle consisting of the two pins located behind the knobs with the pneumatic shutter nipple forming the middle point. Sighting across the nipple from either pin gives the lateral extreme of the image.

Camera back being removed

The back latch mechanism is spring-loaded so that it partially pushes the back panel away from the body when first opened. The back can then be pulled away from the camera body to reveal the film compartment.

Film wind knob

I’ve always been a big fan of beautiful mechanical hardware so I pay attention to those details in a camera design. The wind knob makes use of milled flutes rather than knurling for the grip edge on the knob. The dome shape encloses the depth of the mechanism inside the knob (which forms part of the tilt-load mechanism I designed for getting film in and out of the very compact camera body) while allowing for a less bulky feel in the final form by narrowing the fluted edge of the knob.

Tilt-Load film transport mechanism

The film is unloaded by pulling up the wind knob to allow the spring-acuated base spindle to move the film out of the film compartment for easy removal.

Film path

When film is loaded into the camera, it passes behind the latch mechanism on its way to the take-up reel.

PPC2 compared with the current P.90 model
The compact design of the camera is illustrated by comparison with the more recent P.90 camera which has a narrower 90  degree field-of-view.

PPC2 production batch
The PPC2 camera went through only one production due to the technical challenges which made the camera quite expensive to produce.


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