First Impressions – Craftsman 6 1/2 in. Electric Hand Saw

Side view of Craftsman 207.25530
Craftsman 207.25530 Electric Hand Saw

I recently had the opportunity to try out this handy little skill saw on the Bungaloft remodel project. I had a few pieces of plywood to cut so I gave it a spin.

The saw has a great retro look with its all aluminum case. It has a nice feel to the aluminum handle and the switch falls right into place under your index finger. The well thought out front knob fits neatly into the palm of your hand and makes you feel like a carpenter before you have even switched on the saw. It’s plenty beefy too – good for holding down that pesky warped plywood.

The Sears Craftsman Model 207.25530 comes with a really cool, all-metal, lift-top case that includes a storage area underneath the saw for manuals, blades and tools. So, before commencing work, I consulted the blade collection to  the proper one for the task.

Finding the right blade.
Finding the right blade.

Right on the back of a blade sleeve is this handy blade selection chart. Just go down the list until you find the right choice.  Looks like the Chromedge Ply Tooth blade should make the cut. Using the conveniently supplied wrench pair, I installed the blade and set up to make the first slice.  Much to their credit, Sears chose to keep the cost of the blade low by avoiding the unnecessary extravagance of carbide tips or the additional expense of providing adequate set to the steel blade teeth. So it’s useful to keep a wedge handy to prevent blade from binding in the saw kerf just in case the wood has a bit of personality.

Depth of cut adjustment
Depth of cut adjustment

After setting blade depth with this cool, chrome-plated adjustment knob, I plugged in the saw and let her rip. The saw cut nicely with only a little bit of smoke emerging from the cut. Sure enough, the wedge came in handy to help complete the cut. All-in-all, a satisfactory experience right out of the box.

For everyone from the weekend wood butcher to the McMansionista, this tool delivers without complaint. If you can get your hands on one of these puppies you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Follow up: I was tooling along one day when I realized, too late, that I had left this beauty in the bed of my truck with the gate open. I can report that although it didn’t survive, it did come away in only a few pieces!

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