Green Home Tour

Last Saturday we participated in the 2011 Build it Green Home Tour and had a lot of interest in the small scale of our Bungaloft project. It seems that a number of people share our interest in living with a small footprint. Although we have quite a ways before the project is complete, we received a lot of useful feedback and encouragement from those who stopped by.

I tend to feel that attempting to live a more responsible lifestyle must certainly entail minimizing the volume of resources required to put a roof over your head. But as closet Modernists living in a tiny Bungalow, Lisa and I have the additional interest in designing a functionally efficient living space that effectively integrates the original bungalow details with our interest in modern design.

The house as we found it. 150 feet of personal park for a back yard sold us.

So we went to work . . .

. . . and found some strong colors . . .

. . . some interesting buried treasure . . .

. . . and the will to keep going when things got awkward.

We are comfortably ensconced (albeit in somewhat primitive form) inside the Bungaloft and looking forward to a winter without the 5th wheel.

We’ll provide some stories and images in the coming days as we grow accustomed to living in a real house once again and continue to fill in the many remaining gaps in the Bugaloft project.

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