The photography of Jane Alden Stevens

I just received the current edition of the online publication Fraction Magazine which includes a wonderful gallery of work entitled Seeking Perfection: Traditional Apple Growing in Japan by photographer Jane Alden Stevens. Fraction Magazine is one of a growing number of exceptional online photography publications featuring work like Jane’s series on these extraordinary Japanese farmers engaged in yet another inspiring traditional craft. Jane’s photos in this exhibit consist of a mix of pinhole and lens-based work.

Jane Alden Steven photograph
Rejected Apple, Fall, Aomori Prefecture

I originally met Jane after she purchased a Pinoramic 120 camera for a project she did on WW1 cemeteries in France called Tears of Stone: WW1 Remembered.

Jane shows a natural talent with the panoramic format and was inspired by the large number of WW1 memorials she saw on a trip to France to return and document them. The gallery of images that resulted from that trip can be seen at Jane’s website.

Jane Alden Stevens Photograph
Memento, Vermandovillers German Cemetery, France

Jane used an original model Pinoramic 120 model for the Tears of Stone project.

Jane Alden Stevens with Pinoramic 120

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