mini Makers

Little bitty makers. The kind you can turn loose to build a little model of Brunelleschi’s dome on your desktop. Watch the Lilliputian makers scramble over the meticulous wooden dome model as you sip your morning coffee. Who needs video games . . .

Well, not exactly . . . It’s really just a nerdfest originally created by the Make Magazine crew to showcase all the madcap adventures that their legions of followers engage in. So I jumped in when OMSI invited me to sign up for their mini Maker Faire. Instead of 300+ maker displays like you would find at the mother ship in San Mateo, there were something under 100 mini Makers showing their wares and wherefores for all to see (and hear). OMSI is pushing plans for a maker center after receiving a $100,000.00 grant from the Institute for Museum and Library Services and the MacArthur Foundation and held the Maker Faire as a celebration.

The two days were most exiting for the level of enthusiasm exhibited by the young Teslas and Archimedes for the unprecedented level of support available for wannabe nerds. But I met a lot of interesting and enthusiastic adults as well. And, of course, there were food carts with the typical over-the-top food creations that are another part of what makes Portland such a great place to be. I guess I have to start working on that parrot robot for next year.

Displaying gizmology at the Maker Faire

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