Heirloom bottom edge

Heirloom computers ship into the wild

4 varieties of Heirloom

The Heirloom project utilized four species of wood in the production of laptop computers. In order left-to-right here are Makore, Oregon Black Walnut, Black Limba and Afrormosia. Each completed computer incorporates one or two of these species in its construction. Before each group of completed Heirloom computers ships, they are photographically documented.


Open view of Walnut Heirloom

This example is in Oregon Walnut. This particular variety of walnut grows along the west coast of the US and is known for its striking coloration in a slightly more neutral color palette than its other Walnut family cousin from the eastern US. It is very popular among local furniture designers.


View across a walnut rear speaker panel

Each Heirloom incorporates a removable rear panel that supports the rear edge of the keyboard and includes the speakers and system switches.

The speaker hole pattern is modeled after the design created buy the legendary German designer Dieter Rams whose work is acknowledged to have influenced many of Apple’s computer designs.

The custom dome switch design was created after an earlier touch switch application proved to be unsatisfactory. The brass actuators provide a satisfying tactile and audible response that feels in character with the Heirloom design.


Afrormosia HeirloomAfrormosia was used exclusively in this example of the Heirloom design.


Afrormosia Heirloom from the rear

This species has a golden tone that gradually darkens to a beautiful warm brown color over time. It has a very unique figure and grain pattern somewhat reminiscent of Teak.


Open view of Black Limba Heirloom

Black Limba has a contrasting figure of dark brown over a lighter golden yellow. This example is entirely made from this species.


Inner view of Black Limba Heirloom

With keyboard removed, this Black Limba Heirloom shows the interior layout that includes the custom CPU cooling system mounted to the built-in Peek array that allows for user configuration of the available space within the enclosure.

Some other examples of the Heirloom make use of two species in each case. More on that in as the remainder of the Heirloom laptops get photographed and shipped.



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