Makore heirloom

Novena Heirloom – First Complete Example

The first Novena Heirloom computer has been assembled and is headed to its new home with Sean Cross (xobs), co-developer of the hardware/firmware Novena project the inhabits the Heirloom enclosure. He will be running further tests on the system to insure all is well before we ship the remainder of the Heirloom computers.

Heirloom laptop in open configuration

This example is made from Makore, a species I have used in previous camera designs. This particular example has quite a bit of ribbon figure that shows up particularly well in sharp light.

XOBs Heirloom 1200 4

The first photo in this sequence shows the laptop in the hardware access mode with the bluetooth keyboard out front and the rear panel moved to the vertical position which provides access to the FPGA port. It is oriented to continue effective use of the speakers and control switches.

XOBs Heirloom 1200 2

This next image shows the Novena Heirloom motherboard and battery control board.

XOBs Heirloom 1200 3

The third image includes a view of the SSD, the system cooling fan, the battery, the open peek array area and the speaker/switch/breakout board that includes two inward facing usb ports and a header for access to the Novena Heirloom system pinouts.

XOBs Heirloom 1 (1)

The last image illustrates the Novena Heirloom in its conventional laptop operating mode. The aluminum port plate and characteristic wavy bottom shape are clearly visible. Other examples from the edition will include various combinations of Western Walnut, Afrormosia and Black Limba.

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