Novena Heirloom – trimming the enclosure panel

The Novena Heirloom design uses an aluminum, wood-composite and solid wood enclosure assembly for the motherboard and primary electronic components. The wood enclosure panel is joined to the aluminum side panels to form the complete enclosure. Before that assembly task can be completed, the composite and solid panel must be trimmed to a length which corresponds to a nice fit with the system keyboard.

Trimmed lower panel assembly.
The rear rail glued in place and trimmed.

The trimming process must be done carefully to avoid chipping the wood surfaces. Several methods were considered for the task but I finally settled on a simple tablesaw operation. Speed and feed rates are critical to avoid chipping and, since the speed at which the tablesaw runs is fixed, the only available variable is feed rate. The slow feed rate required will be noted in the video below. An additional precaution common with similar situations in conventional woodworking is the taping of the edges to be cut. This provides reinforcement as the blade emerges from the surface of the material and can capture any small chip that may defy my best attempts to avoid chipping. The chip can later be rejoined with the trimmed part.



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