P.90 Anniversary Sale

Just about 4 years ago a modest sketchbook idea took life in a form that eventually would become the P.90 lensless camera. Conceived as an easy-to-use camera with an elegant, modern appearance, the P.90 is a medium format, lensless camera with a long-standing pedigree dating back to the original Pinoramic 120 camera from 1991. That original sketch proposed a canvas for the arrangement of a simple, anodized aluminum shutter placed in the middle of a subtly curved field of beautiful wood grain. Like all the Pinoramic cameras, the P.90 design is a curved film plane camera designed to capture a wide field of view on the expansive medium format.

Unlike so many offerings in this general category, the P.90 is an uncompromising camera utilizing original design concepts executed at the highest level. Bent wood laminations used for the front and back of the camera incorporate cross-banded construction that makes the camera both lighter and stronger than typical brick-style cameras. This technique was used in constructing the famous Mosquito bombers of WW2.

Carefully chosen rift-sawn solid timber is used for the top and bottom of the camera. Considered to be simply a necessity by historical camera makers, rift-sawn material is more dimensionally stable and reliable in service than the typical, less expensive, plain sawn material. The combination of bespoke, cross-banded lamination and rift-sawn material is unique to the P.90 and Pinoramic 120 series cameras and gives them their unique appearance.

The P.90’s hardware is designed and made specifically for this application. Each brass component is given the same level of consideration as the custom woodwork. Both form and function are carefully designed to bring beauty and functionality into harmony in the final result. Very few contemporary builders of wooden cameras give this same level of attention to hardware that  they do to the woodwork.

This level of attention to detail makes a P.90 is an investment you will be proud of and enjoy for a long time to come. And with the no-questions-asked return policy, there is no risk in making your purchase.

P.90 cameras are a limited edition and production is nearing the end of the run with the remaining stock dwindling quickly. The last chance to own a P.90 is near. With the week-long anniversary celebration there will never be a better time to buy a P.90. Orders placed between June 9 and June 15 will receive 10% off of the standard price of $975.00.

Purchases can be made either at the website store or the Facebook P.90 page.

As encouragement to try out Dwolla’s new cash payments system, purchases made using their service will receive an additional $20.00 off of the standard price. Dwolla is a new cash payment system that takes the credit card middleman out of the equation. There are online and mobile apps available. Check out the Dwolla site and contact me if you might want to take advantage of this additional discount.

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