Phase two: Project Petzval

Petzval lens in its new mount
Petzval lens in its new mount

The next lens in the vintage lens / 5D Mk3 project is this nice vintage Petzval. we had an available bellows mount that just happened to fit the second EOS body adapter I had on hand. I fabricated an adapter to mount the lens to the front standard and bored a slight clearance in the rear standard to just reach infinity. The extant bellow sitting behind the rig is too small on the inside dimension to accommodate the lens so I will make a bag bellows to fit between the standards. It seemed not worth the effort to fab and fold up a new bellows.

Meanwhile the first project with a Tessar has been through some testing with revision to be made. I’ll post the revised version when it’s ready to rip.

In the interval, I’ll give a shout out to my favorite captain of industry – Elon Musk – and this amazing video of the Model S production facility. I do love Tesla . . .

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