Pixiq – John Neel stream tests the P.90

I recently sent a P.90 off to John Neel to take out for a spin. He did a nice write up (with no input from me!)
And he made some great hand colored images from the shots he took.

He describes those images:

The images in the gallery were shot on Portra 400 using a 1-3 second exposure in bright daylight or open shade. After scanning the film into the computer, the images were processed through NIK Color Efex Pro and/or NIK Silver Efex Pro for contrast and edge enhancement. Color blending using layer blends was used to enhance the colors of the Teepee. The image of the stream was hand colored in Photoshop using a Wacom tablet. All images copyright  – © John Neel.

John is doing some great writing for the Pixiq site. You can check out some of his other work.

John Neel | Pixiq

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