Portland bike views and moving metal

I took my rascally Klein franken-bike and rode over to Rocky Butte for modest workout and some great views over the city. Zane (my African Grey parrot) is becoming increasingly proficient at bike rides. He told me to snap an iPod view of the Hood from on top.

Hacking a press brake
Hacking a press brake
I needed to use my pneumatically-enhanced Bonny Doone clone to bend some 1/4 SS so I welded up a shop made press brake attachment. The little beast did the job with ease.

“Air bending” is an interesting process. The gap between the two bending points determines the radius of bend.

I found that a piece of thin gauge sacrificial metal under the part took the scraping and preserved the surface on the part. Now I can make all sorts of 90 degree-ish things!


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