Wow, no trailer?

We are settling in to our somewhat campy (in the outdoor around the campfire sense) life in the early days of occupying our unfinished, but now livable, Bungaloft. The Paperstone counter is in the backyard with trimming, edge finishing and prep for sink cutout underway and everywhere I look there is something large or small demanding attention, but the overall sense is one of a vision coming to fruition. We actually enjoy coming back home from an outing now.

Having yielded a bit of my job list to speed up our preparation for the Green Home Tour, I called upon a neighbor in the building containing my shop to build some of our cabinets. The last of the basic install was completed today as the red-faced (no, not out of embarrassment) cabinets sharing a wall with the opposing Beech and Birch wall unit received most of their finishing touches. We still have to decide on cutout styles for the doors and drawers and a few other details. Mike Schmaltzer of MWS Woodworks did a great job of pulling together my rough ideas for the cabinets.

This addition to the “Command Center” in the kitchen fits nicely with the Bungaloft concept. We’re hopeful that the remainder of the project will continue to feel the same way.

Wow, you mean we don’t have to sleep in the trailer tonight?

bird on a ladder

Quality control inspector

Bungaloft – blending Modernism with Bungalism.

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